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Top 100 2022 Results

You submitted your favourite songs, you voted on them, we got a computer geek to count the votes and we presented you with your countdown. Welcome to the new barang year! Here are the results. Thanks for being involved! The whole team enjoys putting this show together with your involvement.

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# Artist Title
100 Katrina & The Waves Walking On Sunshine
99 The The Uncertain Smile
98 Kampot Playboys Addicted to Cigarettes
97 Dean Wolf Bailey Sophie
96 Marvin Gaye Sunny
95 Kid Mak Ft. Laura Mam Friend Zone
94 Will Canuck & The Truth Panel The 5.0
93 Justin Frew The night that Liza Glamphist comes to town
92 RJ Marshall Hey You
91 The Sock Essentials Minimum Sleep
90 Stephen Stills Love the one you’re with
89 Sinn Sisamouth Prous Te Oun
88 Hanoi Rocks Million miles away
87 The The This is the Night
86 Krom Big City
85 Joe Walsh Country Fair
84 Scoddy Bywater Jane and her Significance
83 Gone Marshall Miss Clementine
82 Dara Puspita Bertemasja
81 Checkered Past Neary Sok Kley
80 Yol Aularong Cyclo
79 Vibratone Phnom Penh Reggae
78 Tom Petty Swingin
77 Miss Sarawan Sabay Jong Jam
76 Jet Odrerir I Shouldn’t Have Said Nothing
75 Iron Maiden Fear of the dark
74 SED2R ft Vannda Omnout
73 Little Thieves Agent 7
72 Jet Odrerir Someone From My Yesterday
71 Jared Bibler Ain’t it Harder
70 Sochi and Stan cheap charlie
69 Funan Beat Empire A Prospect of Peace
68 Faithless Salva Mea
67 Concrete Blonde Mexican Moon
66 Clay George Stephane Ganis
65 Astronomy Class Woman Wants To Drink
64 Weezer Say It Ain’t So
63 The Specials Too much Too Young
62 The Sock Essentials Grow
61 The Goldilocks Zone Last Scream
60 Scoddy Bywater ft Kak Channthy River
59 Scoddy Bywater Adventure Bay
58 Rednex Wish you were here
57 James Brown I feel good
56 David Bowie Golden Years
55 Cecile Hinas Proactive
54 Vannda Ft. Kong Nay Time to Rise
53 The Cure A Forest
52 Scoddy Bywater Slow Moving Clouds
51 Kampot Playboys Row the Boat
50 Dengue Fever Shave your beard
49 The Sock Essentials Love Songs are Boring
48 Krom Lil Suzie
47 Funan Beat Empire Megacity
46 Fleetwood Mac Dreams
45 Dua Lipa New Rules
44 Cambodian Space Project Woman Wants To Drink
43 The Doors LA Woman
42 Scoddy Bywater Phnom Penh Driving School
41 Link Wray Rumble
40 Clay George Cherry Bank Hotel
39 Cambodian Space Project Kangaroo Boy
38 Earth, Wind, & Fire September
37 Clay George This Old Town
36 Checkered Past You Don’t Have to Cry
35 Alain Ou ft Theara Ouch Pull Me From Hell
34 Kampot Playboys Black Coffee
33 Beach Boys God Only Knows
32 Checkered Past Highway Ska
31 Cambodian Space Project Whiskey Cambodia
30 12ME Kromom Srok Khmer
29 Cambodian Space Project Have Visa, No Have Rice
28 The Smiths How Soon Is Now?
27 The Prodigy Breathe
26 Sreyleak ft Prof Kinski Bpell Rollem Sriech Sriech
25 Scoddy Bywater Quietly Blue
24 Checkered Past Public Announcement
23 Ernie Buck Scumbag
22 Ernie Buck Red Squirrel
21 Ernie Buck Evryn1te
 – Joshua Chiang    * TIE * Love has its own mind
19 Ernie Buck    * TIE * Brakelights
18 Joshua Chiang I Wanna (Spend All My Time In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
17 Ariane Parkes the woman is out
16 Joshua Chiang Don’t let them get you down
15 Ernie Buck Avocado
 – Joshua Chiang     * TIE * Everything Under the Sun
13 Ernie Buck    * TIE * Almond Eyes
12 Joshua Chiang A Friend For The End Of The World
11 Geography of the Moon The Unraveling

Top 10 Songs of All Time 2022

9 (TIE). Zyctdan – Lazy Monday

9 (TIE). Geography of the Moon – Moonlight Tan
8. Geography Of The Moon – Deadbeat Poet

7. Geography Of The Moon – Nowhere to go but Everywhere

6. Ariane Parkes – John or James
5. Geography of the Moon – Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow
4. Ariane Parkes – the beauty in our moments of simplicity

3. Ariane Parkes – heal

2. Ariane Parkes – escape

1. Gareth Bawden – See Me Through